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Annealing Furnace

annealing furnace

Name: annealing furnace
annealing furnace

Name: quenching furnace

The quenching furnace is the main working machine of quenching line, it is mainly composed of mesh belt driving unit, heat insulting material, heating unit, temperature controlling unit and atmosphere feeding & controlling unit.
Mesh belt width: 320mm
Inlet length: 1200mm
Heating zone length: 2800mm
Effective height: 70mm
Furnace stack length: 3200mm

Quenching tank
Mesh belt width: 500mm
Quenching tank length: 2800mm
Quenching tank depth: 1800mm

Washing tank
Mesh belt width: 500mm
Tempering furnace
Effective height: 120mm
Mesh belt width: 500mm
Heating zone length: 4500mm

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