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Dross recovery machine

Name: Dross recovery machine

aluminum exrracting & reclaiming machine is a kind of machine that created through imported imported technical & of no fuel, high alum and high speed. Replacing conventional & manual process, its reclaiming treatment can be immediately done on the spot. it has the following charcteritics, high efficiency,short time. low electric consumption and environment protection.
Camber design with glass window for direct sight; Control by Panasonic PLC and touch screen, which guaranteed the high stability and convenient communication between operator and machine; Suitable for the recovery of various types of tin dross while the recovery rate could reach 90%; A centrifugal material feed-in mixing system; To guarantee the tin dross input to be equal and constant; Internal bladder applied the Titanium alloy; External feeding system; Automatic tin putting device and the tin position detective system; Internal cooling system; Tin bar molded by strong wind, which help to reduce the Oxidation and improve the efficiency; Tin bar collection system adopts the iport motor and photoelectric control, which enable the automatic output, cooling and collection of tin bar; Enclosed separating system; To separate the tin from tin dross automatically; Drencher filter-discharging system to deal with the exhaust gas; External heating tube in order to avoid the re-oxidation of tin bar during the output process; Layered heating structure, preheat the lower squeeze and separation zone, then start the heating of hopper district once the certain temperature is reached, which could help to avoid the jamming of tin-feeding mouth and lower the failure rate; System with automatic timing function, auto shutting down when the setting time reached, auto tips by touch screen; Equipped with UPS standby power, to ensure the auto and reliable output of tin bar under the circumstance of power failure.
T echnical Parameter :  
Body Dimensions 1730*1100*1600mm(L*W*H)
Control system PID + Touch Screen
Tin dross volume Approx * 20KG/once (consistency)
Processing Capacity 40kg/h
Temperature range Room Temp.- 400 oC
Power supply Input 3 phase 380 V
Agitating motor 120W
Separation motor 370W
Total power 17KW
Complete machine weight 800KG
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