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Multi billet heating furnace

Name:Multi-log shear heating furnace

Name:Quick heating furnace

multi supporting longitudinal bar for heating furnace
Name: Multi supporting longitudinal bar for heating furnace
billet heating furnace

Name:Billet heating furnace
billet heater

Name:: Billet heater
aluminum billet heating
Name: Aluminum billet heating
aluminum gas log heater
Name: Aluminum Gas log heater
multi gas log heater
Name: Multi Gas log heater
gas log heater
Name: Gas log heater
Gas log heating furnace
Name: Gas log heating furnace
Multi-log heating furnace
Name: Multi-log heating furnace

aluminum profile billet heating furnace energy saving alum billet heating furnace is equipment which is necessary for alum profile factory and alum Profile Company. The purpose of the machine is heat up the alum billet equality, to change the alum billet machine capability and improve the quality of machining product .the machine which be made by our company has several kinds .includes fuel type, burning coal type, coal oil composite, galvanothermy type, gas type, (but this direction just use for fuel type), we can offer any kinds of product according to your request.

Heating Source: fuel type , electricity type, gas type.
Heating Method: Hot air circulation heating system with blower , Power 1.1KW.
Feeding type: chain driven
Heating speed: 50piece/hour
Chamber size:8000x600x350mm
Overall Dimension( Lx W x H):10000x1250x3000mm
Temperature Control: Full Automatic
Working temperature: 650íŠ

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