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Powder coating line (page1)

Powder Coating by Manual Application
Name: Powder coating by manual
Powder coating is done by a small handgun, ideal for smaller components and mixed goods. Pre-treatment can be done - as shown- by blast cleaning or any other method suited for the finished product. Curing takes place in a box oven
Automatic Powder Application
Name: Automatic powder coating
Powder coating line with one booth, typical equipment used on large series in one color.
Pre-treatment is either iron or zinc phosphate. The curing takes place in a U-TURN oven. The coating line is equipped with the Jotun Powder Coatings "Big Bag" system.
Powder Coating Line with DIP-Pre-treatment
Name Powder coating line of DIP-Pre-treatment
The coating line is equipped with two moveable spray-booths. Allows easy and fast color changes. Curing is done in tunnel oven. Pre-treatment by dip immersion; chromatin and/or phosphate process is usually employed. Typical coating line when coating long items, i.e. extrusions or larger sheets.