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Extrusion press(page2)

Name: extrusion press ABE-800
Hydraulic pressure: 21Mpa
Force: main arm:808T/Faster cylinder:64T
Cylinder back force: 30T
Container retaining force: 58T
Shear force: 23T
Extrusion speed: 1.5~11mm/s
Container size: Inside diameter:Φ125mm/ length:550mm
Billet size: diameter:Φ120mm/ length:250~500mm
Motor power: ≈117.5KW
Container power2KW×15=30KW
Operation mode: Manual and single automation
Equipment (L×W×H): 9×2.3×3.1m
equipment weight: 34T

Name: extrusion press ABE-1000
Hydraulic pressure 21MPa
force Main arm:951T
 Faster cylinder:64T
Cylinder back force 37T
Container retaining force 58T
Shear force 30T
Extrusion speed  0~13mm/s
Container size Inside diameter:Φ135mm
Billet size diameter:Φ130mm
Motor power around 17.25KW
Container power 2KW×15=30KW
Operation mode Manual and single automation
Equipment (L*W*H) 9*2.3*3.1m
equipment weight 45T
Name: extrusion press ABE-1250
the machine has a four-column horizontal structure consisting of top-mounted oil tank, well-laid hydraulic piping and integrating electrical system. installation and maintenance are convenient. mobile bean can be located at four positions and centre-adjusted. mould moving mechanism can travel between two stations, safely and fast.
according to user's requirement special processes can be designed, such as double-motion seamless tubes extruding process, seamless tube short-range extruding process with floating hollow jets, reversible extruding process, constant temperature and speed regulating extruding process, etc. hydraulic products from Germany REXROTH, Japan YUKEN ours VICKERS are optionally used according to user requirement. electronic component adopts the control system PLC of MITSUBISHI, Japan. touch screen and speed sensor can set and regulate the speed.

Hydraulic pressure:21Mpa
Fore: main arm:1163T/Faster cylinder:106T
Cylinder back force: 59T
Container retaining force:74T
Shear force:40T
Extrusion speed:1.2~15mm/s
Container size: Inside diameter:Φ158mm/length:650mm
Billet size:diameter:Φ150mm/length:250~600mm
Motor power: ≈180KW
Container power: 2KW×15=30KW
Operation mode: Manual and single automation
equipment weight:55T