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Extrusion press (page3)

Nme: extrusion press ABE-1650
Hydraulic pressure: 21Mpa
Force: Main arm:1520T/Faster cylinder:132T
Cylinder back force: 101T
Container retaining force: 72T
Shear force: 50T
Extrusion speed: 2~12mm/s
Container size: Inside diameter:Φ185mm/ length:800mm
Billet size: diameter:Φ178mm/ length:250~720mm
Motor power: ≈232.5KW
Container power: 3KW×18=54KW
Operation mode: Manual and single automation
Equipment (L×W×H): 12×4.3×4.1m
equipment weight: 90T
Name: extrusion press ABE-1800
Model :ABE-1800
Gross power(kw):290
Working pressure(MPA)21
Plunger diameter(mm) 980
Specification of the main auxiliary oil vessel(mm) Φ250xΦ160
Specification of the oil vessel for the holding part (mm) Φ250xΦ140
Specification of the oil vessel for the cutting part (mm): Φ180xΦ140
Dimension of the aluminum bar(mm): Φ178x750
Size discharge gate (mm): Φ210x250
Extreme measurement( L x W x H): 12000x3800x4500
Center height of main set (mm): 1480
Total weight::106

Name: extrusion press ABE-2500
Rated sys pressure:21Mpa
Rated extruding force:25000KN
Center height of main unit:1700mm
Dimension of container: Φ225-Φ265×900
Main motor power:300KW
Overall dimension: 14×4.8×4.5